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MOdern Malaise

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Space Loops

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Move In Circles

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Voodoo Gourds

Federsen Buy

California based producer Federsen joins the No Corner project with his Voodoo Gourds cassette.

From his analog equipment-filled studio overlooking San Francisco you are invited to take in the view of steep rolling streets and sunset red tinged vistas of the bay area, stretching into late nights thick with a palpable sense of after hours anticipation with fragments of conversation and smokes on street corners carried along at the strong and steady pace of the Ocean Beach rip currents.

Labyrinths EP

El Kid Buy

Recordings from a skeleton radiophonic crew trapped inside a critically damaged nuclear submarine listing in the deepest arctic waters.

All sea going vessels are obligated to carry a Voyage Data Recorder, the maritime equivalent of a black box, this cassette may be considered the final transmissions of from the fictional SS Labyrinth, moments before it reached crush depth.

Gorgon Grime

Kahn & Neek Buy

‘A 40 minute sonic bricolage of golden era grime, pieced together by Kahn & Neek’.

This Tape perfectly captures the raw energy and attitude of the golden days of Grime music. Snippets of historic pirate radio moments and clips of hectic freestyle sessions captured on underground DVD’s such as ‘Risky Roads’ which used to circulate within the scene in those days when uk underground music was based around the tower block aerials, heated raves, white label pressings circulating in record shops and mixtapes passed around in the neighbourhood.

Real Love

J A B U / Killing Sound Buy

Packed full with dense vibes as the intricate wordplay by Alex Rendall flowing straight over low-slung beats and soundscapes created by Amos Childs the other half of Jabu. The near 20min set also includes music by ‘Baba Yaga’ (aka Kahn & Vessel) an ‘El Kid’ production, plus the opening track features vocals by Kahn live in the studio.

On the B-Side of the tape, things get a bit more twisted – ‘brutalist FM synthesis reduced to rubble’ with a 19min live jam by ‘Killing Sound’ the name that incorporates a flexible formation of Young Echo members on their varying sonic missions, in this case Jabu, El Kid and the mysterious REI.